Cryopen cryotherapy treatment is the controlled removal of unwanted and annoying benign tissue by the exact application of extreme cold to the area of concern.

This type of treatment can remove a variation of skin issues such as hyper-pigmentation, cherry angiomas, milia, verruca’s, warts, and skin tags.

Cherry Angioma Removal Buckinghamshire made Easy

Cherry Angioma
Removal with Cryopen
Cherry Angioma Removal Buckinghamshire

Cherry angiomas or red moles are very common skin growths which can develop in most parts of the body.

These are also referred to as Campbell de Morgan spots or senile angiomas.

These are often found in individuals 30 years old and above.

The collection of the small blood vessels within the cherry angioma gives it the reddish appearance.

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Are They Harmful?

This particular type of skin growth shouldn’t be really a cause of major concern unless this begins to  bleed you notice a change in colour, size, and shape.

Talk to a dermatologist consultant or a specialist if you notice a change in appearance and bleeding.

We offer consultation and procedures such as CryoPen to help you get rid of these skin imperfections quickly and safely.

How best to Treat?

Cherry angiomas are harmless, but if it becomes bothersome or you just wanted to get rid of angiomas for cosmetic reasons we offer the Cryopen Treatment as a fast and painless solution.

Cryopen Treatment 

A freezing substance, generally a nitrogen fluid, is used to target on the angioma and will destroy it quickly and painlessly.

Cryopen cryotherapy treatment can also be used to treat other skin issues like moles, warts, skin tags, actinic keratosis, and more. View our range of treatments here

Frequently Asked Questions Buckinghamshire

Why Do People Get Cherry Angioma ?

Many would say that genetics play an important role as to why people develop or get cherry angioma.

But why exactly this skin imperfection happens is unknown; however, there is some evidence showing that some people get it through sun exposure, pregnancy and toxin, and chemical exposure.

How permanent is cryopen cryotherapy treatment?

The cryopen cryotherapy treatment offers permanent removal of your skin issue.

Can anybody have this procedure?

Yes, but caution regarding location and type of skin issue should be taken into account before you decide to begin treatment. 

What benefits can you get from CryoPen?

There are actually many benefits you can get but the biggest benefit is the permanent removal of your cherry angioma.

The procedure is quick, safe, and effective, no downtime, treatment is painless and no anaesthesia needed.

We offer a consultation so that we can discuss everything with you and will be able to offer the perfect treatment solution for you. 

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