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LF2sella Incontinence Treatment:  Finally a treatment Thame for incontinence, which influences hundreds of countless individuals around the world and over six million individuals in the UK.

Around half of females that have urine incontinence will not ever before seek help or treatment for their ailment due to the fact that it is felt as taboo.

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Urinary Treatment 

The muscular tissues that hold our bladder and manage continence generally weaken as we age, and also this can be made worse by the menopause’s sharp decline in oestrogen and collagen levels as well as genital childbirth, which places a great deal of strain on the muscles.

Urine incontinence occurs from pelvic floor weakness. You may be considering a surgical treatment and could have seen specialist nurses.

There is however another way to prevent urination and bowel problems with our LF2sella Incontinence Treatment which is pain free for many patients and in just six sessions you will see amazing results from this non invasive treatment.

These muscles, additionally referred to as the pelvic-floor muscles, support the bladder by holding it snugly in place.

This causes a muscle barrier that has to be intentionally kicked back in order to pee.

It may be more difficult to manage the bladder, causing leaks, drips, and the inability to hold pee for longer periods of time if these muscle mass are extended, damaged, or damaged in any other way.

Urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary and faecal incontinence and stress incontinence normally occur because of weak pelvic-floor muscles.

To treat urge incontinence, you need to improve your pelvic floor muscle strength.

However, pelvic floor exercises and pelvic muscle training for stress incontinence and mixed incontinence aren’t always enough.

Bladder training with kegel exercises for urine leakage and urge incontinence can be effective but take a long time to achieve.

Prevent leakage, chronic urinary retention, accidental urine leakage, mixed incontinence and even overflow incontinence because of a pelvic organ prolapse with LF2sella Incontinence Treatment pelvic floor muscle contractions.


Urinary issues may appear for a variety of reasons, and also they all have the potential to create severe discomfort, embarrassment as well as a feeling of loss of freedom.

Your social care professionals will normally ask you to keep a bladder diary in order to track the severity of your incontinence.

For many incontinence clients, managing their symptoms while out and about might your affect your day from finding the closest toilet at all times, making certain you have ample pads, and determining what to wear.

Social care professionals can refer you to us.

It can additionally affect daily life and stop you from participating in interests and hobbies sports or celebrations.


The LF2sella Incontinence Treatment was developed with the objective of helping individuals in gaining back bladder control and also reinforcing their pelvic flooring muscle mass.

Urine leaks from overactive bladder syndrome can be embarrassing.

Losing weight and being a healthy weight can help pressure on damaged pelvic floor muscles.

The treatment takes less than thirty minutes per session as well as is absolutely painless and non-surgical in dealing with urinary incontinence issues.

It is completely non-invasive and can be carried out while completely outfitted, in contrast to many non-surgical urinary treatment .


The pelvic floor muscular tissues and also the muscular tissues at the bladder neck are separately targeted by the LF2sella Incontinence Treatment HI-EMS (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) frequencies. In a way similar to how traditional kegel workouts function, this causes the muscle mass to contract and kick back.

Each therapy session using the LF2sella Incontinence Treatment functions the muscle mass like 11,000 kegel workouts in 30 minutes!

Our stress incontinence treatment helps resolve the most common problem most people experience. Offering fast appointment times – longer opening hours we are here to help you.


Because the pelvic flooring muscle mass is subjected to thousands of contractions with the LF2sella Incontinence Treatment, it is unbelievably reliable treatment for stress incontinence.

The results we see in our LF2sella Incontinence Treatment clients are simply not possible with hand-operated kegel workouts alone since the treatment targets the pelvic floor muscular tissues straight and also does not call for neuromuscular control, allowing the muscles to contract dramatically greater than they would alone or with a hand operated treatment.

As a result this is first class urinary treatment option for incontinence issues.

If you are leaking urine and suffer from urinary tract infections preventing urinary incontinence is vital to your wellbeing.


Brand-new muscle mass fibres and proteins are produced by the body as a result of the LF2sella Incontinence Treatment therapy, the pelvic floor and also bladder muscle mass are further reinforced and also toned.

In addition, the neuromuscular links between the brain and the bladder are improved, which significantly help in treating the signs and symptoms of impulse incontinence.

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